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Renting art is a fantastic way to furnish your work or living space without tying up valuable capital. Your art collection can be worth a great deal, make a powerful statement, create that elusive “Wow” factor – yet cost you a fraction of the price of purchasing artwork.


Renting art just makes great sense


Renting art is flexible and cost effective. From as little as $2/weekfar less than it costs to buy a coffee – you can create a mood, the impression of success! You can change or enhance your space and impress your clients and friends by creating the “Wow” factor. Art rental also gives you the opportunity to explore a diverse range of artists’ work.

Today a corporate art collection can be of great worth but little cost to you. With the emphasis now more than ever on bottom line profit many are turning to art rental as a cost effective and flexible alternative.


Rental Art Australia offers the lowest art rental rates in Australia. Our flexible packages and changeover facility means that we can accommodate to your needs. For potential buyers, renting artwork is an opportunity to live with the works before committing to final purchase.


Many businesses are realising that acquiring art is an ‘art’ in itself. What is art? What are the current trends? Will our artwork today still compliment a future office? Will artwork chosen become stale to employees in a year?


Our specialised ART CONSULTATION PACKAGE includes:


CONSULTATION – our consultation is complimentary. It is a chance to have a chat, get to know you and your business and gain an understanding of how you envisage the look and feel of your space.


FLEXIBILITY – create a new look by having the flexibility to change your arwork every 3, 6 or 12 months.


ARTWORKS – our extensive portfolio includes:  originals by Queensland artists, commisioned artworks, photography and open and limited edition prints on paper or canvas.


– FREE insurance cover on rented artworks.


TRANSPORT + INSTALLATION – FREE delivery and installation.


TAX DEDUCTIBLE – all rental costs are fully tax deductible.


RENTAL INCENTIVE OPTIONS – opting into our 2, 3, 4 or 5 year Rental Incentive Scheme gives you the opportunity to rent a diverse range of artworks on a long-term basis, while paying 5{59f9bc4c794c8b74f17837ad46ec9dabacf1925fc04d17efebe11bfd00c273b8} less for every year that you continue to rent your artworks.


***Our minumum rental period of 12 months can be extended by agreement and your artwork can be purchased at the end of this period on beneficial terms.




At the end of 30 DAYS if you are not truly in love with the changes we have made we will either……remove your rental artwork and you owe us nothing OR we’ll exchange it!



Rental Art Australia