About us

Rental Art Australia are the leading specialists in corporate art, offering the lowest rental and sales rates in Australia

“I do not want ART to touch just the minority any more than education for a few; or freedom for a few.”

William Morris

Who Are We?

Celebrating 24 years in business, Rental Art Australia are the leading specialists in corporate art, offering the lowest rental and sales rates in Australia.

Expect absolute professionalism. We are an Australian-owned family business that has been operating in Queensland since 1989. Our friendly, accomplished team have been passionate about the industry for many, many years. Their extensive knowledge and diversified skills are our fortune. Having worked in the fields of art management and interiors – they possess a passion for design, colour and image placement – which is fundamental to the diversity of applications undertaken in both the corporate and domestic sectors.

Our clients are some of the largest, most recognisable nationwide in both the private and public sectors e.g. large and small business, all tiers of government [we are a Government Endorsed Supplier], the healthcare and hospitality sectors, architects, interior designers, property stylists and home owners. Having been in business for 24 years, Rental Art Australia have a solid record of success that proves our artworks make a make a powerful statement and create the “Wow” factor.

Rental Art Australia

What We Do?

Our main objective is to assist you in creating a stylish work or living environment by selecting artworks that make your space feels more inspiring, beautiful, polished and complete. Creating a well-designed environment is just as important as building a functional one. Good design boosts creativity, productivity and lifts “the vibe” of your space.

We have a policy of acquiring artwork from the wealth of our local and emerging artists as we firmly believe that creative talent needs nurturing and our support. Therefore, we take special care in sourcing artworks from a wide range of media and genres.

Our extensive portfolio includes: paintings by local and emerging artists, commissioned works, photography, open and limited edition prints on paper + canvas and Australian and International print makers.

Our VIRTUAL GALLERY features over 1000 artworks all available for immediate installation.


We take all the hard work out of it by offering free delivery and installation of rented artworks.


We know accidents happen which is why we provide free insurance cover on rented artworks.


Create a new look by having the flexibility to change your arwork every 3, 6 or 12 months.


If renting art for your business then all rental costs are fully tax deductible.


High-performing companies are more than likely to go ‘above and beyond’ for their customers and staff. They know that first impressions count and make a strong statement about the culture of an organisation. Architects and interior designers take many factors into consideration when designing interior spaces. They are well aware that the physical work environment has a direct psychological impact on people, affecting their behaviour, emotions and thoughts.

Yet as business everywhere are reviewing overheads, many are guilty of cutting costs in the very areas that make your workplace more conducive to productivity – office decor. In addition to obvious factors, like efficient management and employee incentives, offices decor plays a significant role in increasing workplace productivity. Improving the look and feel of an organisation’s decor is the most natural way to enhance your work space. It promotes identity, adds a level of professional ambience and shows that a business cares for their clients and staff by providing a more aesthetically pleasing and stimulating work environment.

Artwork is the easiest, most appealing, colourful and cost effective way to enhance a space. Artworks that are well placed have a very attractive and strong visual appeal. They stimulate the senses and add colour, depth and liveliness!

 Whether designed for a dramatic, calming or innovative effect, artworks create a welcoming presence that makes a strong statement about the culture of an organisation. For this reason, it has been proven that this wonderfully visual approach lifts “the vibe” of an organisation, boosts morale, increases productivity and is a valuable source of inspiration for creativity and collaboration.